Live Streaming of Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka September 2021

Sri Lanka Tourism and the Department of Wildlife and Conservation together with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH teamed up to showcase Wilpattu National Park through a Live Virtual Tour 

The LIVE streaming is scheduled for the 24 September 4.00PM-5.00PM IST (+5.30 GMT) and 26 September 7.30 AM-8.30AM IST (+5.30 GMT)

Please find the link for the LIVE Stream : and

Our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Malik Peiris and Prof. Yuen Kwok-yung

Our heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Malik Peiris and Prof. Yuen Kwok-yung on your achievement of winning the 2021 Future Science Prize and $ 1 million for their discoveries on SARS virus and its impact on COVID19. 

Prof. Malik Peiris is a Sri Lankan pathologist and virologist. His research interests include ecology, evolution, pathogenesis, epidemiology of animal-human influenza and other human respiratory viral infections, authoring over 320 research publications.

Sinopharm to provide additional vaccine and considers establishing a vaccine plant in Sri Lanka

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona, met with the Chairman of Sinopharm Group, Mr. Liu Jingzhen and the Senior Management Group on 07 September 2021. The Ambassador handed over a personal letter from H.E. the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to the Chairman appreciating the uninterrupted supply of Sinopharm vaccine to Sri Lanka.

The Chairman said that Sinopharm will continue to collaborate with Sri Lanka and supply vaccines. He was enthusiastic about setting up a vaccine refilling plant in Sri Lanka to take advantage of Sri Lanka’s favourable trade access in the region and beyond. He said that the Sinopharm Vaccine is being used over 100 countries and over 50 Heads of State and other high-ranking officials have been inoculated with the vaccine. Further, he said that there are no recorded adverse effects to persons who have been inoculated with the Sinopharm vaccine.

Ambassador Dr. Kohona conveyed his appreciation, on behalf of H.E. the President and the Sri Lankan people, to the Government of China for supplying vaccines. The Ambassador also said that more than 10 million people in Sri Lanka have received their first dose of Sinopharm vaccine.

Ambassador Dr. Kohona recalled the historical bilateral cooperation between Sri Lanka and China and said that both countries should work together to overcome this pandemic.

Embassy of Sri Lanka
08 September, 2021



Publicity for the awareness sessions regarding the appointment of Destination Representation Companies and Public Relations Companies under the Global Communication Campaign of Sri Lanka Tourism
In order to brief the bidders of the Global Communication Campaign of Sri Lanka Tourism two meetings will be held on 9 September 2021.
                                    i.           2.00 pm (Sri Lankan time)
                                  ii.            9.30 pm (Sri Lankan time)
These two meetings are not country-specific and bidders from any country could join. The bidders who wish to attend the meeting could be joined via
Please find the bid notification through the link:

Foreign Minister Gunawardena stresses enhanced global vaccine collaboration at the First International Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine Cooperation


Addressing the first International Forum on COVID-19 Vaccine Cooperation held virtually on 05 August 2021, Foreign Minister Gunawardena called for enhanced global efforts to forge closer cooperation between countries to enable the availability and affordability of COVID-19 vaccines to everyone in line with SDG 3 target to ensure access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. Read More

Director General of Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office Mr. Zhang Yongwu Invites Sri Lanka to Participate in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s Forum on Digital Economy Industry


The Director General of Chongqing Foreign Affairs Office of the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Mr. Zhang Yongwu, called on Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona, on 30 July 2021 at the Embassy. Mr. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the Embassy for the long-standing collaboration that has been and is being maintained with the Chongqing Municipal government. Read More


Secretary General of the CPAFFC Tina Yang, proposes linking Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs with Government and Private Chinese Enterprises


Sri Lanka to secure 04 Million doses of Vaccine in the 1stweek of August

The 1.6 m doses of vaccine gifted by China to Sri Lanka arrived in Colombo today(27). The Chinese Ambassador in Sri Lanka Qi Zhenhong symbolically handed them over to H.E. the President today at the Presidential Secretariat.
In addition to these vaccines, a stock of syringes was also donated.

The vaccines were handed over to the Ministry of Health to be given to people over 30 in the Northern and Eastern Provinces.

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona hails China s Successful Management of Covid-19, including by Relying on Traditional medicine

Attending the signature ceremony of an MoU between the Liaoning University of Chinese Traditional Medicine and the Gampaha Wickramarachchi University of Indigenous Medicine, (in Shenyang, Liaoning Province), Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona hailed China s successful management of Covid-19 employing both modern and traditional medicine. Traditional medicine has been widely used in countering Covid-19 and has been praised by President Xi Jinping. President Xi has called Chinese traditional medicine "The Treasure of the Chinese Nation".

China has also called for making Covid-19 vaccines a global public good free from Intellectual Property constraints. China has donated a large quantity of vaccines to developing countries, including 2.6 million doses to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka which boasts of a birth to death publicly funded healthcare system could also use traditional medicine to counter the dreaded pandemic.
Dr. Kohona and other speakers at the event hoped that the MoU would facilitate the exchange of teachers and students between the two universities and the cross fertilisation of ideas and treatment methods. Earlier the Vice Governor of Liaoning had hosted the Ambassador for lunch and praised the initiative.

The Liaoning University of Chinese Traditional Medicine is spread over three campuses and has a student population of 30,000. It is equipped with state of the art research facilities.


Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona Calls for More Investments from Major Chinese Corporations

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona addressing the 12th China International Infrastructure and Investments Forum, Development of External Design Consulting and Contracting session, called for more investments by Chinese companies in the Colombo Port City and the Hambantota Industrial Processing Zone as well as greater access for Sri Lankan agricultural products to China. "Like China, Sri Lanka has the goal of eliminating poverty. Expanding access to the lucrative Chinese Market for Sri Lanka agricultural products would be a critical step to realize this goal". he said.


China Harbour is confident of Attracting Major Investments to the Colombo Port City

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona met with Tang Qiaoliang, Chairman, China Harbour Company Group on the sidelines of the Macao International Infrastructure Development Forum. He said that China Harbour is confident of attracting major financial sector Investments to the Colombo Port City.


Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona Visits Wuhan University

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona visited Wuhan University in Hubei Province, on 19th July 2021, on the invitation of the Vice President of the University and the China Great Wall Industrial Corporation to further explore the details of establishing a modern agriculture and high tech University in Sri Lanka. The interdisciplinary university team led by the Vice President Mr. Yeqin Xu expressed their full support for the initiative and later at a formal meeting with the Governor of Hubei Province received his endorsement. The Government of Hubei Province and the University organised the visit with great attention to detail highlight its importance.

The Deputy Secretary of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and the Governor of Hubei Province, Mr. Zhonglin Wang, later officially received Dr. Palitha Kohona at the Provincial State House, Donghu, in Wuhan.

Dr Kohona, in his discussions with the University authorities and the Governor, underlined the importance of modernizing Sri Lanka s agriculture particularly in order to eliminate poverty and of the value of high tech skills for youth to enable them to make a more critical contribution as Sri Lanka s economy moves rapidly into the next level of development. He noted the spectacular rise of China s economy, assisted considerably by its emphasis on modern high tech education. The university authorities and the China Great Wall Industrial Corporation (Mr. Jinxin Su) agreed with this assessment and made a clear commitment to assist Sri Lanka realise it s goals.


Embassy of Sri Lanka Celebrates the United Nations World Youth Skills Day 2021

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing celebrated the United Nations World Youth Skills Day 2021 at the Embassy on 15th July 2021. This event was designed to highlight the need to enhance marketable skills among youth and to motive our youth to engage in creative, innovative and technological skills development. The United Nations has declared this year’s theme as “Reimagining Youth Skills Post Pandemic”. Over 170 invitees, including representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, China International Development Corporation Agency, United Nations’ Organisations and Diplomatic Missions in Beijing, the Sri Lanka community, Chinese friends, the Chinese media and university students attended.Read More


China Gifts Another 1.6 million Doses of Covid-19 Vaccines to Sri Lanka

The Speech delivered by H.E. the Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona at the poverty Alleviation and Cooperative Development Center Opened in Chongqing, China

Mr. Shan Ming, Project Director of the China Cricket Association (CCA) met Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona to seek assistance to promote cricket in China.
Mr. Shan Ming, Project Director of the China Cricket Association (CCA) met with Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona along with the members of the China Sri Lanka Association for Trade and Economic Cooperation (CSLATE) at the Embassy.

The purpose this meeting was to explore opportunities in sports cooperation, in particular, promoting cricket in China. Mr. Shan said that the China National cricket team was formed 10 years ago and now the team requires assistance from experienced coaches. Dr. Kohona said that Sri Lanka could provide training for cricket players and he recalled the achievements of the National Cricket Team of Sri Lanka. He stated that Sri Lanka can provide the fullest support to train the members of the National Cricket Team of China and he highlighted that players need to be trained in all areas of the game such as batting, bowling, and fielding. Dr. Kohona further stated that it is essential to have psychological and fitness trainers as well.
Mr. Shan added that CCA was interested in promoting cricket among schools and universities across China and at present around 100 schools play cricket. China will be participating at the Hangzhou Asian games. Further, he requested the Embassy to encourage the Ministry of Education of China and the General Administration of Sports to include cricket as a subject in the schools and universitys’ curriculum.
Since there was a lack of experience in developing cricket grounds, Mr. Shan further requested technical assistance from Sri Lanka.
During the discussion, it was agreed to organise a match between the China National Cricket team and the Embassy Cricket team which is captained by the Ambassador.

Mr. Alexi Gunasekara, Minister Commercial, Brigadier Sylvester Perera, and Ms. Mihiravi Dissanayake from the Embassy and Mr. Kavisha Lokuhittige, Mr. Jerry Adrian, and Mr. Anura Banda from CSLATE attended the meeting.

13th July 2021, Ambassador Dr. Kohona visited the Lingguang temple in Beijing as the guest of the chief monk Chang Zang. Abbot Chang Zang had arranged a high level receiving ceremony and a tour of the 1000 year old temple despite the temple being closed to the public due to the hazardous weather conditions.
The chief monk and Dr. Kohona had a conversation in the ceremonial chamber of the temple. The chief monk who had visited Sri Lanka more than twenty times over years, felt closely connected with Sri Lanka. He was impressed by the profound Buddhist culture of the people. Dr. Kohona said that the chief monk was more than welcome to be more involved in Embassy organized events and invited him to encourage people to people contacts creating better understanding between the two counties culturally and through the religion.
Abbot Chang Zang also suggested that the celebration of the 65th anniversary of China and Sri Lanka diplomatic relations can be a good opportunity to organize a conference or exhibition to showcase the millennia old cultural connectivity between the two countries.
The Lingguang Temple was constructed during the Liao dynasty more than 1000 ago. It was partially destroyed during the Seven Power invasion in 1900/01 but restored recently. President Mahindra Rajapaksa gifted a replica of the famous Samadhi Buddha statue in Anuradhapura during a visit in 2007

Embassy of Sri Lanka Launches Sri Lanka Online Platform, “Sri Lanka Platform” along with an Investment Promotion Seminar

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing assisted by the Hairong Technology, Co., Ltd organised the introduction of the Sri Lanka online platform along with an investment promotion seminar (SEIC 2021) at the Embassy on 11th July 2021. The main objective of the event was to provide an online platform for Sri Lanka exporters seeking to access the lucrative Chinese market. This platform will encourage potential investors to explore the opportunities available in Sri Lanka as well. The Platform was officially launched by Ambassador, Dr. Palitha Kohona and Mr. John Pan, General Manager of the Hairong Technology, Co., Ltd. Read More

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona attended the opening of the China - South Asia Emergency Supplies Reserve in Chengdu

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona attended the opening of the China - South Asia Emergency Supplies Reserve in Chengdu on 9th July 2021. The emergency reserve was the result of a zoom meeting convened by Foreign Minister Wang Yi in April and attended by the Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Given the regularity with which natural disasters seem to afflict the South Asian region, the creation of the emergency reserve would enable the reserve to dispatch emergency supplies with the least delay. Today the mobilisation of emergency supplies takes too long.
Read More

22 June 2021, Dr. Kohona visited the Yong He Lama temple in Beijing as the VIP guest of the chief monk Xuefeng Hu. Abbot Hu had arranged a high level receiving ceremony.


The chief monk and Dr. Kohona had a very productive conversation in the meditation chamber of the temple. The chief monk had visited Sri Lanka sometime ago and carried fond memories. He was impressed by the profound Buddhist culture and the sincerity of the people there. Dr. Kohona replied that the chief monk was welcome to pay another visit to Sri Lanka once the pandemic was under control. Such a visit would encourage people to people contact and create better understanding between the two counties.
The Lama Temple was constructed by Emperor Qianlong in 1694, converting his princely residence to a temple. He was born in this house. Today its spacious quarters house 120 monks and attract 3 million visitors every year. Chief monk Xuefeng Hu said there are more than 30,000 Buddhist temples in China.

The General Administration Customs of China (GACC) approves the Health Certificate for importing fisheries products to China
The Health Certificate for importing fisheries products to China has been approved by the General Administration Customs of China (GACC). It will enable the approved fisheries and aquatic products to enter this lucrative market, and even encourage Sri Lankan businesses to expand their production. More details

16 June 2021, Dr. Kohona was invited by to accept an award as a mark of appreciation for promoting cross-border trade between Sri Lanka and China.The Vice president and Head of Global Corporate Affairs of, Mr. Larry Lee stated that Sri Lanka is of critical importance to With the opening of the Sri Lanka National Pavilion on JD Worldwide, gems, black tea, spices, coconut water, fishery product, etc. will be able to perform well with JD’s 500 million customers. Dr. Kohona pointed out that both sides should be happy to see this cooperation start to work effectively. also invited Dr. Kohona to tour its one of business divisions, Seven Fresh. It is a fast growing supermarket chain store that mainly targets the customers with international preferences. International food products are introduced to consumers through its online and offline platforms with the support of the datebase. Dr. Kohona explained the range of Sri Lankan consumer products available to the General Manager of Merchandising Mr. Clark Meng and proposed having a Sri Lankan Food Festival in their chain stores to promote Sri Lankan food products. The Seven Fresh sold over 2.2 million RMB worth of crab from Sri Lanka in 2018. Mr. Meng received the suggestion enthusiastically

China Sri Lanka Association for Trade and Economic Cooperation (CSLATE) was inaugurated today (15.06.2021) at the Embassy of Sri Lanka.

The objective of establishing the CSLATE is to enhance the trade and investment cooperation between the two countries and ease the barriers faced by the Sri Lankan exporters. Two MoUs were signed between CSLATE, China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association (CIQA) and the China Association of International Engineering Consultants International Business Advisory Council. Office bearers of CSLATE were elected during the event. Mr. Chiranjaya Udumulla, Mr. Kavisha Lokuhitige and Mr. Nandana Hewage, the President, the Secretary General and the Head of Finance respectively.
H.E. Dr. Palitha Kohona addressing the gathering said that CSLATE should assist to increase Sri Lanka exports to China and further strengthen the trade partnership between the two countries. It should reach out to the Chinese business community as well. Mr. Alexi Gunasekara, Minister Commercial of the Embassy, Mr. Xin Wang, President of China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association, Mr. Ren Yifeng, General Secretary of International Business Advisory Council also addressed the gathering. Mr. Wang and Mr. Yifeng said that they will extend fullest support to enhance the trade relations between Sri Lanka and China and to ease the barriers faced by Sri Lankan Exporters.


Emergency Donation by Sinopec

Sinopec, the giant Chinese energy company, donated 15000 masks and a number of oxygen concentrators to the Embassy of Sri Lanka. Upon receiving an urgent request from the Embassy of Sri Lanka in China regarding the country’s critical pandemic situation and the shortage of medical equipment and protective supplies, Sinopec  promptly gifted 15000 nonmedical masks and 7 oxygen concentrators. Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona said he would pass the material and equipment supplied by Sinopec to the Sri Lankan people as quickly as possible.

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona attended in “2021 China Rural Revitalization International Summit Forum” in Xingyi City, Qianxinan, Guizhou Province on 30th May 2021.

The forum was organized by the China Council for the Promotion of National Trade (CCPNT), together with hundreds of social organizations across the country. The theme of this forum was “China’s national rural revitalization strategy” Dr. Kohona, addressed the gathering and he praised the leadership of the Communist Party of China and its achievement in rural revitalization and the elimination of extreme poverty. Further, he highlighted the long-standing and warm bilateral relationship of mutual support and understanding between China and Sri Lanka.
Later, Dr. Kohona and other foreign envoys were accompanied by Mr. Gao Fu, Deputy Chairman of CCPNT, and Ms. Luo Chunhong, Minister of the Department of Publicity & the United Front Work Department of China, to the demonstration sites on poverty alleviation and cultural and tourism projects in Guizhou Province.
During this visit, discussions were centered on strategies for comprehensive rural revitalization. Views on the forward-looking and guiding nature of rural revitalization strategies in the new era also were exchanged. More than 500 Chinese and foreign guests, including leaders from China’s ministries and commissions, foreign diplomatic envoys, China’s local government leaders, heads of research institutions of agriculture and social science sector, Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, representatives from media institutes participated in the forum.


Xu Shi Yin e, the “ Lanka Princess” attended the Vesak celebrations 2021 at the Embassy in Beijing


Xu Shi Yin e, the “ Lanka Princess” attended the Vesak celebrations 2021 at the Embassy in Beijing on 26th May 2021. Prior to the event, she met Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona at his residence and explained her family tree to him. She is a 19th generation descendant of a prince from the court of King Parakramabahu VI of Kotte. Read more

Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing Celebrates Vesak 2021

View more

Sri Lankan Airlines flight departs from Beijing carrying 500,000 Sinopharm Vaccine Dose


China gifts another batch consisting of 500,000 doses of Covid-19 Sinopharm vaccine to Sri Lanka

Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona met Mr. Yu Haibo, the Director of Research, Institute of Resource Recycling of  the Central South University, Changsha, Yunnan.


 Mr. Yu Haibo and Dr. Kohona explored possible cooperation avenues in education between Sri Lanka and the Central South University. They reached the tentative conclusions below:

1. The Central South University will provide placements to around 100 Sri Lanka students to study in the University. Mr. Yu Haibo will upload the Admissions policy of the Central South University for  overseas students on the Embassy website as soon as possible . Read More

Ambassador Dr Palitha Kohona Met Mrs. Tian Hongqi, President of the Central South University (CSU)


Ambassador Dr Palitha Kohona Met Mrs. Tian Hongqi, President of the Central South University (CSU), Changsha, Hu’nan and discussed additional placements for Sri Lankan students at the CSU and the possibility of establishing a high tech branch in Sri Lanka.
The CSU is renowned for its work in minerals, transportation networks, medical and information technology, etc. Mrs. Tian said that the CSU will support the proposed branch in teacher resources and project design etc. Mrs. Tian also mentioned that CSU provides financial support from four different sources for overseas students. From the  Chinese government, the overseas local government, companies and the university itself. They would welcome students from Sri Lanka coming to study at the Central South University.

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