Investment in Sri Lanka

Positioned as the Gateway to Asia, the country’s open economy, attractive laws, tax rates and constitutional guarantees, resilient workforce, strategic access to Indian market and solid infrastructure, makes Sri Lanka a favourable destination for investment.

With the country to be developed as a major regional hub more opportunities for investment are presented. Sri Lanka is situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes between South Asia and the Far East, with the Colombo Port becoming a major trans-shipment hub in recent years.

The quality of life in Sri Lanka is the highest in the South Asian region, and comparisons have shown that the country offers one of the most liberal business environments in Asia. The country’s investment laws are transparent and automatic across a wide range of sectors. Under the terms of the Board of Investment law, the BOI has wide ranging authority to grant exemptions from various laws including Inland Revenue, Customs and Exchange Control.

The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI) is structured to function as a central facilitation point for investors. With a high powered Cabinet Sub Committee set up to strengthen the BOI, clear all bottlenecks and ensure speedy clearance of investment approvals, investors can implement projects in a hassle free atmosphere. Investment climate monitoring is also being improved to ensure the nation’s competency profile.

Source: Ministry of Economic Development of Sri Lanka

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