Registration of Marriage

1.        One of the parties to the marriage, who should be a Sri Lankan citizen, should give “Notice of Marriage” to the Embassy (


2.        Bachelor Certificate certified by the divisional secretariat in the home town of the Sri Lankan citizens party to the marriage and certified by the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka should be produced.


3.        A Chinese citizen who is party to the marriage should produce the Bachelor Certificate of his/her hometown, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.


4.        A foreign national other than a Chinese citizen who is party to the marriage should produce a valid Bachelor Certificate from the competent authority of the relevant country.


5.         The marriage can be registered in the Embassy after the lapse of twelve (12) days from the receipt of the Notice of Marriage but within three (03) months from such date.


6.        Valid passports of both parties should be produced. If the Chinese national does not possess a passport, a valid identification (ID Card) should be produced.


7.        Original of Birth Certificate of Sri Lankan National should be produced.


8.        Both parties should be present at the Embassy in person.


9.        Two (02) witnesses with valid passports or any other proper identification are compulsory.


For further information, please contact the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday.


 Tel: (86) 10- 65321861/2 Ext: 120 or 121




i.        Notice of Marriage (General/ Kandyan) – RMB 105 

ii.       Registration of Marriage (General/ Kandyan) – RMB 105

iii.      Registration of Marriage under special license(General/ Kandyan)  – RMB 210

iv.      Certified Copies (General/ Kandyan) – RMB 105

v.       Registration of Marriage ( Muslim) – RMB 105

vi.      Certified copies of Muslim marriage – RMB 105


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