Registration of Death
A death can be registered in the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing under Section 7 of the Consular Functions Act provided the following conditions are satisfied:

i)    The deceased is a citizen of Sri Lanka, and

ii)   The death was occurred in China

Documents require to register deaths:

i)    Duly filled Form B11
( or B15 (late registrations)(

ii)   Death certificate of the deceased issued by the competent authority of China

iii)  Passport of the deceased or if the deceased is a minor the passport of the parent in which the endorsement regarding the minor is made.

iv)   Photocopies of (ii) and (iii).


i)   For registration of death – RMB 30.00

ii)  For issue of death certificate or each additional copy – RMB 105.00

iii) Postal charges (where applicable) – RMB 115.00


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