Alms Giving at Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing in collaboration with China Buddhist Association and Sri Lanka China Buddhist Friendship Association organized an Alms giving for six number of Buddhist delegation led by Ven. Ahungalle Siri Seelavisuddhi Mahanayaka Thero to invoke blessings of the Noble Triple Gems to the new government and to Sri Lanka on 21 November 2019 in the Ambassador’s residence in Beijing.

Ven. Watagedara Wimalabuddhi Thero, Ven. Edandukitha Gnanasiri Thero, Ven. Wiharagala Dhammakithi Thero, Ven. Wathurakumbure Dhammarathna Thero, Ven. Attangane Sasanarathana Thero, The Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in China Sivanka Dhanapala, First Secretary (Cultural) of Embassy of  China in Sri Lanka,  President of Sri Lanka China Buddhist Friendship Association Sumathi Dharmawardhane and representatives of China Buddhist Association in Beijing attended the event.

The Ven. Maha Sanga blessed the country by chanting pirith. The delegation visited the Lingguang Buddhist Temple which is considered as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in China where the Ven. Theros cconducted a Buddha Pooja by offering Sapu flower which is rare in Sri Lanka. The delegation is due to visit several cities in China including Xi’an, Kunming and Dunghung and the Ven. Theros will have Buddhist cultural interactions with respective Chinese Buddhist monks during their visit.

The meeting of Sri Lankan Buddhist theros was highly praised and Ambassador Dr. Karunasena Kodituwakku and the staff of the Embassy jointly prepared the alms giving to the Ven. Theros and other laymen both Chinese and Sri Lankans.

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