Renewals /Endorsements
Documents required for extension of a Passport:

i) Current Passport

ii) Duly completed Form O (

iii) HKD 25/- per year or RMB 30/- per year iv) Cost of EMS HKD 120/- or RMB 40/- in addition to the above fee for the extension of passport.

Please note:

A passport, which is more than 10 years old from the date of issue, cannot be renewed.

Inclusion or Deletion of a Child s Name from a Parent’s Passport

Please note that since the inclusion of children’s photographs in “N” series passports has now been automated, this Embassy is not recommending making such endorsements in the passport of the parents.

However, an application may be submitted to the Controller General Immigration through this Embassy. The required documents are as follows:

1.    Application Form C (uploadfile/file/201204/20120423031822535098.doc)

2.    3 colour photographs (2.5 x 3.0 cm)

3.    Original Birth Certificate of the child.

4.    Original Marriage certificate of the parents.

5.    A consent letter of the parents for inclusion/ deletion of the child’s particulars to the parent’s passport.

6.    Relevant pages of the parent’s travel document including children s pages.

7.    If the spouse doesn t possess a travel document an affidavit confirming same and written consent.

8.    In the case of divorce, a Court Order should be produced. 

9.    If the child is born outside of Sri Lanka the original Certificate of Citizenship is necessary.

10. Fee:



The applicant should submit the originals with photocopies for item Nos. 3 to 8 as described above along with the application.

Other Endorsements to Passports / Change of Name and Designation

Endorsements to ‘N’ series passports will be done by the Department of Immigration after all necessary documents have been submitted through the Embassy. The required documents are as follows:

1.    Dully filled application form O

2.    Present travel document.

3.    Relevant supporting documents related to the subject matter.

(i.e. Marriage certificate, letter of appointments or educational/professional certificates etc.)

4.    Request letter from the applicant.

5.    Fee



•    Photocopies of the above documents should be provided by the applicant to the Embassy.


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