Issuance of New Passport in lieu of an existing passport

When applying for a new passport, please complete form K  and return it to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing
together with the following documents:

i) Duly filled Form K (

ii)Your present passport

iii) Three colour photographs of high quality and clarity of size 4.5cm.X 3.5cm.

iv) A demand draft for HKD1255/- or Chinese RMB 1300/- drawn in favour of "Embassy of Sri Lanka in China" payable at "Bank of China Head Office, Beijing" (Beneficiary s Bank).

v) Cost of Express Mail Service (EMS) is HKD120/- or RMB 40/- within mainland China. If the processed passport is to be returned under EMS post, please add the above charges to the passport fee.

Please note that the issue of a new passport will take between 3-6 months as this Embassy has to forward your application to the Controller of Immigration and Emigration in Sri Lanka for processing a new passport.

Issue of a New Passport to a child


The following documents are required:

i) Passports of both parents.

ii) Birth Certificate issued by the approved Sri Lankan authority

iii) Consent letter signed by both parents for the issue of a separate passport for the child

iv) Three colour photographs of high quality and clarity of size 4.5cm. X 3.5cm.

v) Duly completed Form K (

vi) Fee of HKD 1255/- or RMB 1300/-

vii) Cost of express Mail Service (EMS) HKD 120/- or RMB 40/- in addition to the above fee for the new passport.



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