Emergency Passports

 An Emergency Passport (None Machine Readable Passport – NMRP) is issued for persons who have lost their passports but have already applied for a new passport and have not received it in due course to return to Sri Lanka and also for Sri Lankans who are deported from China by the Chinese authorities.

Documents required for issuance on an Emergency Certificate:

i.   A personal request letter/ request letter by the relevant Chinese authority explaining the reasons for obtaining an Emergency Passport.

ii.  Duly filled Form K with Form I. M. 35 (B)

iii. Three colour photographs of the applicant.

iv.  The previous travel document if available.

v.   Birth certificate and identity card with photocopies, if available.


i.   Fees for an Emergency Passport (NMRP) if the previous passport is available – RMB 170

ii.  In case the previous passport is lost, RMB 685 should be paid as Lost Charges.

iii. Administration Charges – RMB 170




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