Citizenship certificates

To whom is this applicable?

Children born outside Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents (at least one of the parents should be a Sri Lankan) needs to be registered within one year of birth for the confirmation of the child’s citizenship.



What will happen if I fail to register the birth of my child within one year?

A fine will be imposed in the event of failure to register the birth of a child within a period of one year from the date of birth.

What are the documents required to be handed over with the completed application form ?


1.     Duly filled Application form (Form: Citizenship 1)



2.     Birth Certificate of the child issued by the country where the birth took place.


3.     Consular Birth Certificate


4.     Birth Certificates of parents


5.     If the applicant (father or mother) is a Sri Lankan citizen by registration, the relevant certificate


6.     Marriage Certificate of parents


7.     Travel Documents and Visas held by parents to prove residence abroad at the time of the child s birth


8.     Declaration that the applicant (father/mother) has not acquired citizenship of a country other than Sri Lanka at the time of the child s birth - Declaration Form


Note: [2-7 of above documents should be submitted with photocopies along with the original]





Fees payable for citizenship certificate: RMB 300.00


Postal charges (if applicable)

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