Sri Lanka Tourism opens Tourist Information Kiosks for the first time in history

With the vast growth in tourism, the need for technological advancement in the Tourism industry has also increased immensely and to fulfill this present need, The Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau under The Ministry of Economic Development has taken a step forward today, together with Intelo Networks (Pvt) Ltd, in a joint project to establish a network of Digital Tourist Information Kiosks (TIK) to provide information required by tourists.


The first Official Tourist Information Kiosks  (TIK) were declared open to the visitors  by the Minister of Civil Aviation, Hon. Priyankara Jayaratna today at Bandaranayake International Airport (BIA). Mr.Rumy Jauffer , Managing Director of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Participated in this official event.


The TIK provides information via the interactive touch screen in an accurate, trustworthy and timely manner. This unit will initially accommodate 10 languages: Sinhalese, Tamil, English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and Italian. Tourists will be able to gain more information about Sri Lanka by viewing the available video content. Apart from providing necessary information to tourists this will facilitate to earn extra revenue per tourist visiting the country by way of providing easy access to the products and services listed in the kiosk.


TIK is a technology driven Digital Information Network (Display information through electronic Touch screens and LCDs) that provides precise exposure to tourism industry, excellent returns to beneficiaries of tourism and brand awareness to consumers. The project will see positioning more units in key locations In and around the country such as Tourists Information Centers of SLTPB, Business Centers, Shopping Malls, Selected Hotels and places with

high Tourist foot fall. The entire business network is automated requiring minimum human interference.


These unique and attractive Kiosks (TIK) introduced first time to Sri Lanka, have two screens to be seen in one unit. The Touch-screen that can be easily accessed by anyone and it will help to browse through the tourist related information and the products and services available according to their requirement. While the 32” LCD screen attached to it on top will play general tourist related information and documentaries.


Source: Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau

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